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                                  WHERE THE SUN MEETS THE RAIN

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The City of White Salmon is a beautiful, rural town situated on the bluff overlooking the Columbia River. The views from the City of White Salmon are quite spectacular. From the bluff looking south one can see the Columbia Gorge as well as the truly majestic Mt. Hood. Looking northeast one can catch a glimpse of Washington's Mt Adams.
Taking its name from the nearby White Salmon River, the City was named by the Lewis and Clark Expedition when they observed the river teeming with salmon whose color had turned white after spawning.
The phrase "The Land Where The Sun Meets The Rain" is often used to describe the climate in and around White Salmon. The City of White Salmon is located in a transition zone between the marine-influenced climate west of the Cascade Mountain range and the dry continental climate of the inner-mountain region. The Columbia River Gorge serves as a conduit for the differing air pressures on either side of the Cascades, resulting in major wind patters. The transition zone typically results in westerly winds in the summer and chilly easterlies in the winter.
The area's relatively mild climate and location combine to offer visitors and residents a recreation paradise. Hiking, camping and biking opportunities are abundant throughout the Gifford Pinchot National Forest and Mt. Adams area. Water enthusiasts can windsurf on the Columbia or take a rafting or kayaking trip on either the White Salmon, Little White White Salmon or Klickitat Rivers. In the winter, downhill skiing is available at nearby Mt. Hood and cross country trails are maintained throughout the Gifford Pinchot National Forest near Trout Lake.
In general, the area's farms, orchards, gardens, cattle, llamas, logging mills, fishing and hunting provide a special and diverse way of life for local residents. If you decided to become a neighbor instead of a visitor, you'll be in excellent company.