City of White Salmon

                                                      WHERE THE SUN MEETS THE RAIN 





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City Hall  is located on the corner of Jewett Boulevard and Main Street.                          

"The Land Where The Sun Meets The Rain"
is often used to describe the climate in and around White Salmon.                                     
Come visit our quaint town.                             
We hope to see you soon!
City Hall Staff
Judi, Lori & Lyn

                White Salmon City Hall

                        100 N. Main St.

                         PO Box 2139

               White Salmon, WA 98672




City of White Salmon Demographics

Population: 2,235
County: Klickitat County
Elevation: 550 feet
1.2 Miles, 792 Acres
Area Code: 509
Zip Code: 98672
Time Zone: Pacific
Average Annual Rainfall: 45-50 inches